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Central Office Staff

Name Title / Department Email Phone
Gibbins, Nancy  Secretary of the Superintendent  ngibbins@wtsd.org    856-767-8293 x3010  
Tait, Terri Secretary to the Business Administrator  ttait@wtsd.org    856-768-1473 
Niedoba, Denise  Accountant dniedoba@wtsd.org  856-767-8293 x3016
Devine, Mary   Purchasing mdevine@wtsd.org    856-767-8293 
LaFountaine, Andrea Payroll Secretary alafountaine@wtsd.org  856-767-8293 x3015
DiRenzo-Koob, Lisa  Title I Coordinator and School Choice Coordinator lkoob@wtsd.org    856-767-8465 x3043
Bodine, Mick Technology Coordinator mbodine@wtsd.org   856-767-8293 x3027
Macauley, Deneen  Transportation Coordinator dmacauley@wtsd.org    856-767-8293 x3040 
Stevenson, Kellie  Transportation Secretary  kstevenson@wtsd.org    856-767-8293 x3041 
Weaver, James C.E. Facilities Manager  jweaver@wtsd.org  856-767-8293 x3042 
Mossop, Lynn Cafeteria Manager lmossop@wtsd.org    856-767-8293 x3026